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Parents Love the Benefits!!
“I was a worried mom and wanted what was best for my children.  I searched & searched programs before choosing this one.  This was the only program that fit all my criteria.   I can’t say enough about the quality of care my children receive!  In addition to a loving, respectful & (according to my children the most important factor)...FUN environment, I have also observed added benefits such as improvement on reading and math skills.”                                                                            - Gretta Leckbee, Mother of 3rd Graders
"Our daughter has grown emotionally and intellectually under Lisa's care and spending time at Crystal Challenges is the highlight of her day.  We feel so lucky to have finally found such genuine and nurturing afterschool care.”                                                                        - Marty Santa Cruz, Mother of 4th Grader
“Crystal Challenges, under the direction of Ms. Lisa Banks, is the best educational child-care program we have ever seen.   We believe that Crystal Challenges has helped shape our son and daughter into the responsible and sensitive children that they have become.  ‘I can’t!’ is no longer part of their vocabulary.”
Laura and Mark Eichner, Parents of 3rd and 5th Graders
At Crystal Challenges, we are dedicated to the following goals:
- Teaching children Life-Long Skills
- Making children's Afterschool and Summer Productive, Beneficial, and Fun!
- Providing a Warm, Supportive, Encouraging, and Loving Atmosphere
“I was overwhelmed not knowing where to place my girl or with whom I could entrust her care.  Luckily, our neighbor told me about Crystal Challenges!!  My daughter loves, loves, loves being in Mrs. Banks' program.  She loves her friends and all the adventures!   Lisa Banks is so awesome with the kids!   She is kind, nurturing, intelligent, and a fantastic mentor.  She sparks their interests and ignites their imaginations!!  I am so blessed to have her watch my child!!”                                        - Denise Baker, Mother of 2nd Grader
“Crystal Challenges is one of my daughter’s favorite places to go, because Mrs. Banks makes her feel like she is the most important kid in the whole world. I am confident that Sydney is not only being challenged creatively & academically while in her care, but she is also safe & loved.”
Kristen M. Lohkamp, Mother of 1st Grader
“I struggled with where I should place my daughter.   Crystal Challenges is just what I was looking for!!    I recommend Crystal Challenges to any parent looking for a welcome alternative to traditional childcare facilities.   Crystal Challenges is a fun-filled, positive, encouraging environment that mixes education with fun and adventure.”                                                                                               - Mother of Kindergartner
Testimonials from Enrolled Parents:
“Our children beg to go to Crystal Challenges when we don’t need to send them. The structure and education that Crystal Challenges provides, as well as the personal responsibility expected from each child make it a happy place for all of the children. We recommend the program for anyone desiring a warm and nurturing place where their children are learning and growing, not just being ‘babysat’”. 
  - Tom and Stacey Lemire, Parents of 4th and 6th Graders
“Any children who are fortunate enough to have Mrs. Banks as a teacher will have their lives enriched and be better off for it.”                                                                             - Gail Guthrie, Mother of 1st Grader
“There is a strong sense of community and camaraderie amongst the kids and a fostering of intellectual challenge and creativity. Lisa Banks and her program at Crystal Challenges are truly exceptional.” 
  Chris McClary, Mother of 3rd Grader 
“Lisa Banks is a fun, loving, intelligent, practical, organized lady and I highly recommend her and her program.”                                                                                            - Martha Miles, Mother of 2nd Grader

“Our 9 year old went to Crystal Challenges.  When she started, it was a particularly stressful time in our family, and it was so reassuring to have her under the care of Lisa, who is incredibly nurturing and loving. The structure and small group setting was perfect for our daughter. We will always be indebted to Lisa, and to her great skills and natural loving manner!                   - Jane Thompson Koble, Mother of 4th Grader
“Crystal Challenges is a ‘happy home’ feeling to walk into, where children are treated with respect and love. My child doesn’t want to go anywhere else!!!!”                               - Becky Cottington, Mother of 3rd Grader

“I highly recommend Crystal Challenges for anyone looking for afterschool care.” 
Trish Street, Mother of 3rd Grader
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